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As my work lies at the border between engineering and mathematics, I have chosen to separate my publications in a similar manner. This separation is however not unique and could have been done differently

Mathematical papers


J.-L. Bouchot, H. Rauhut, C. Schwab

Multi-Level Compressed Sensing Petrov-Galerkin Discretization for High-Dimensional Parametric PDEs

Submitted, January 2017


R. Aceska, J.-L. Bouchot, S. Li

Local sparsity and recovery of fusion frames structured signals

Submitted, April 2016


Journal papers

J.-L. Bouchot, K. Hamm

Stability and robustness of RBF Interpolation

Sampling Theory in Signal and Image Processing, 2017


R. Aceska, J.-L. Bouchot, S. Li

Fusion Frames and Distributed Sparsity

Contemporary Mathematics, 2017 PDF


J.-L. Bouchot, S. Foucart, P. Hitczenko

Hard thresholding pursuit algorithms: number of iterations

Applied and Computational Harmonic Analysis, 41/2, 412--435, 2016 PDF


J.-L. Bouchot, F. Bauer

Discrepancy norm: Approximation and variations

Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, 272, 162--1792014 PDF


Conference proceedings and book contributions

J.-L. Bouchot, B. Bykowski, H. Rauhut, C. Schwab

Compressed Sensing Petrov-Galerkin Approximations for Parametric PDEs

Accepted, SampTA, 2015 PDF


J.-L. Bouchot, L. Cao

Numerical Solution of Underdetermined Systems from Partial Linear Circulant Measurements

Accepted, SampTA, 2015 PDF


J.-L. Bouchot

A generalized class of hard thresholding algorithms for sparse signal recovery

Approximation Theory XIV, 2014 PDF


S. Bernstein, J.-L. Bouchot, M. Reinhardt, B. Heise

Generalized analytic signals in image processing: Comparison, theory and applications

Quaternion and Clifford Fourier transforms and wavelets, 2013 PDF


(Applied) Engineering contributions


Journal papers

J.-L. Bouchot, F. Morain-Nicolier

Scaled-distance-transforms and monotonicity of autocorrelations

IEEE Signal Processing Letters, 2014 PDF


E. Leiss-Holzinger, U. Cakmak, B. Heise, J.-L. Bouchot, E. Klement, M. Leitner, D. Stifter, Z. Major

Evaluation of structural change and local strain distribution in polymers comparatively imaged by FFSA and OCT techniques

eXPRESS Polymer Letters, 2012 PDF


E. Lughofer, J.-L. Bouchot, A. Shaker

On-line elimination of local redundancies in evolving fuzzy systems

Evolving systems, 2011 PDF


Conference proceedings and book contributions

G. Ditzler, Y. Lan, J.-L. Bouchot, G. Rosen

Variable Selection to Improve Classification of Metagenomes

Encyclopedia of Metagenomics, 2014 PDF


J.-L. Bouchot, W. Trimble, G. Ditzler, Y. Lan, S. Essinger, G. Rosen

Advances in Machine Learning for Processing and Comparison of Metagenomic Data

Computational Systems Biology, 2nd Edition, 2013 PDF


G. Stübl, J.-L. Bouchot, P. Haslinger, B. Moser

Discrepancy norm as fitness function for defect detection on regularly textured surfaces

Pattern Recognition, 2012 PDF


D. Stifter, E. Leiss-Holzinger, B. Heise, J.-L. Bouchot, Z. Major`, M. Pircher, E. Götzinger, B. Baumann, C. Hitzenberger

Spectral domain polarization sensitive optical coherence tomography at 1.55 μm: novel developments and applications for dynamic studies in materials science

Optical Coherence Tomography and Coherence Domain Optical Methods in Biomedicine XV, Proceedings of SPIE Vol. 7889 (SPIE, Bellingham, WA 2011) 78890Z, 2011 PDF


B. Moser, G. Stübl, J.-L. Bouchot

On a non-monotonicity effect of similarity measures

Similarity-based pattern recognition, 2011 PDF


J.-L. Bouchot, G. Stübl, B. Moser

A template matching approach based on the discrepancy norm for defect detection on regularly textured surfaces

Quality control by artificial vision, 2011 PDF


J.-L. Bouchot, J. Himmelbauer, B. Moser

On autocorrelation based on Hermann Weyl's discrepancy norm for time series analysis

International joint conference on neural networks, 2010 PDF

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